Where Did this Lead Come From?

Primarily Old Paint


The primary source of lead poisoning in children is lead based paint. Despite scientific evidence going back to the classic studies of Gombault in 1873, the paint manufacturers put lead in paint until it was banned in 1977. In fact as long ago as the 1920's certain paint manufacturers were warning about the dangers of putting lead in paint that was used by their competitors. Tragically, even those manufacturers shortly thereafter starting using lead based paint.

The dangers of lead based paint are so significant that the federal government banned it in 1977, and then in 1996, created very strenuous disclosure requirements for almost all residential real estate transactions, including the leasing and selling of homes. Sellers, landlords and real estate brokers are required to disclose the known existence of lead based paint, and also to provide tenants and buyers with a pamphlet detailing the risks associated with lead based paint. Click here for an electronic copy of such brochure.

What Other Sources Are there for Lead-Based Paint

What do you do now?


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